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5 Minutes Shaper is the new favorite!

5 Minutes Shaper tones your abdominal, shapes your hip and transforms your body combining toning exercises which helps to target the body you always dreamed of.

With just five minutes a day, you are going to have a slimmer waist, firmer arms, shapely hip and toned legs! All this at once!

The reverse movement of large amplitude crunching creates an explosive muscular action. And when the hips go up and down, 5 Minutes Shaper fully isolate the butt and thigh muscles.This wide range muscular actions results with a considerable reduction in the daily training time.

There are four levels in four different angles: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Extreme. And five minutes a day is enough to start nailing the extra pounds and get the silhouette you have always wanted to have.

With the digital monitor, you track their progress each workout and makes them much more mottivadores and challenging exercises!

5 Minutes Shaper is the new favorite!

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