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Sampe Workout Rotation

Sample Workout

For the workout portion of the program, try doing a 6-day rotation that repeats itself. In order to stimulate your muscles and increase your metabolism, you will need to work various muscle groups.

Your program will look something like this:                              


Day 1 – Back and Hamstrings (plus HIIT Cardio)

Day 2 – Chest, Biceps

Day 3 – Cardio only (HIIT)

Day 4 – Quads, calves and abs

Day 5 – Shoulders and triceps

Day 6 – Long Duration Low Intensity Cardio (LDLI) (like a brisk walk or bike ride)

Day 7 – Begin new rotation


When working out with weights, perform 4 sets of each exercise (a set is 8 – 12 repetitions of a single exercise – for this program, do 10 reps per set). Perform at least 2 different exercises or “stations” for each muscle group.


Do each exercise with a 1 to 2 second positive and 3 to 4 second negative. Do your movements strictly. Remember, muscle only knows tension. They don’t care how much you lift. If you do 8 repetitions with 1 second up and 4 seconds down, that means the muscle is under tension (known as TUT or Time Under Tension) for 40 seconds, which has been proven ideal for muscle growth.


Stretching: Don’t forget to stretch before, after, and even during your workout. The important thing to accomplish is making sure your muscles are loose and warm before you begin working them. This helps prevent injury – especially for beginners.


Rest Periods: Rest between sets only long enough to catch your breath. This allows the body to properly replenish its oxygen deficit. Try to never rest more than one minute between sets.


Exercises: A lot of people make the mistake of doing to many exercises or always doing the same exercises for the same body part. We recommend rotating exercises in each workout, and even changing your grip or your stance, in order to hit the muscle in a different manner.

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