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This site is Weight-Benches,Sit-Up-Bench and other Inversion table web page, You can find here a China weight benches, sit up benches and gym equipments Manufacturer & Exporter Company"s information.All the weight benches,Sit up benches,AB Crunch trainer,5 min shaperShake weight ,Chin up bar and Trampolines are directly from China.

Creditkingsport,Wuyi Chaoqun, is a top line modern enterprise in fitness equipment, integrating with the design, development and sale of fitness and leisure products. We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of fitness and bodybuilding equipment, such as weight bench,inversion table,sit up bench, mini stepper,Body traction machine,leg trainer,ab trainer, trampoline and metal furnitures.

We are SGS audited reliable supplier Locating in Chinese Hardware City - Yongkang ,next to port of ningbo and with very convenient transportation, we offer OEM service,design and buyer"s label to the our customers all over the world. Our professional employees, first-class production facilities, perfect management system and powerful financial capacity are the essence of "Service" for every brand. 
The main market of us is US ,EU,South Korea and Japan.We keep long term cooperation with our clients overworld and work as a powerful and creditable supplier.

The products here are characteristic with good quality but very cheap price, because we keep little  profit, we only want to get a much larger market share rather than high profit.


In the 1990s,Mr Jiang , founder of Creditkingsports,Wuyi Chaoqun,  wrote down his ideas for outdoor exercise benches  – his revolutionary new product, that helped popularise strength training and bodybuilding in the community of big city in China to foster health and contribute to personal health, that life may be more enjoyable and rewarding for the people who use our products.

In the year of 2003, we got my first foreign partner"s investment and launched going into home fitness products market.We had inversion table,mini stepper and weight benches production lines set up, and we registered our first international brand "BS".

In 2006, after three years" OEM work for our partner,we had our first independent exporting right.At the same time,our fitness products line extanded to more than ten.We also had these products information post on our primary website.

In 2007,TWISTRUN was evaluated as the best ISPO new product.That was also one of the best TV sales products in 2007.  

In 2009,We extanded our Brand and add "Creditkingsport".It is for home use fitness equipment,more smart and more popular with many consumers nowadays.

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CREDITKINGSPORT" mission is to provide you with great products and exceptional service before, during and after the sale. We test every product we sell and only sell products that pass our rigorous testing. With that in mind it is our intention to bring you exciting products that, with minimal care, will last a lifetime and bring you and your loved ones much enjoyment. Finding the balance between exceptional quality, reliability & performance at an affordable price is hard to do. It is our intention to bring you the best products, along with the best service at the best prices available.


Weightlifting Bench Wholesale

CREDITKINGSPORT  offers a huge selection at the best possible price to increase your profits. Affordability is the name of the game here. Thanks for the low price of good quality materials and labors in our local market, as a factory directly sell Weight Bench to our customers, our wholesale Weight bench prices are extremely competitive.



"Bussiness is just Weight lifting"

Yes it sounds a bit corny when you first hear it but we always conqour our limits to lower the cost and shorten the production circle and improve the core qualiity of fitness equipments made here day by day and container by container.Thanks for all BS employe"s Striving Unceasingly.



Our fitness products

CREDITKINGSPORT"S quality and price simply may not be beat. We manufacture many different power sports product including but certainly not limited to, weight bench, inversion table,home treadmill, trampoline, steppers and other fitness equipments, such as scooters,crazy fit massage. 


Inversion Table

We certainly don"t stop there. The Inversion table and handstand machine lines are simply the best quality value in the fitness equipment manufacturer industry.There are many styles come with option and more. Our price and value beats the competition hands down. Wholesale Inversion Tables.



Fitness Steppers and AB Bench

Being dazzled ? It"s not the end! With very very low price and nice quality , you can definitely beat your competitors. Of course the Fitness Steppers and AB Bench are the most economical choice for you home use body built. For steppers , we have body slender ,mini stepper , and multi-functional stepper with handles . What"s more , we have different kind of AB Bench for your choice as well as supine board. Wholesale Steppers. Wholesale AB Bench 



Scooters and other fitness products

But wait there"s more! Yes, you heard it right we have even more to offer than just weight bench, sit up bench, inversion table,Fitness stepper and AB Bench. For the outdoor lover in you and your customers we have a huge selection of scooters and other fitness products to choose from. We have ordinary scooters , Tri-scooters ,swing scooters for children and . Also , other products are attractive : leisure chair , ABS, A-bike, family sauna, crazy fit massage and leg trainer .etc. Well almost.

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