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A stepper helps burn calories and melt away fat effectively; primarily the buttock and thigh muscles are exercised.
There is a choice between steps, Climber and Stepper and large steppers.
When it comes to steps, the Reebok Step is the measure of all things, the Kettler mini stepper(BS-6457B) is a lower priced and more popular.

Climber and Stepper are small and compact and as a result easy to store, however, only have small, not too resilient hydraulic cylinders which are only meant for light training and smaller loads. Higher models have a computer (display of duration, number of steps) and grips or bars.

If you would like to use a stepper for ongoing, higher intensity training we would recommend buying a larger stepper. These are more suitable due to their large, durable hydraulic cylinders and support bars. Furthermore they tend to have better equipped computers with heart rate measurement for ideal control over your training.
Q:Four Basic Workout for revealing six pack Abs
A : You’ve cut the fat and are now the proud owner of visible abs. It,s time to go further...
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